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Transforming Anger To Love

Parting with old emotions is difficult, but it is always followed with a happier you. To focus and work in the present to release those outw...

Parting with old emotions is difficult, but it is always followed with a happier you. To focus and work in the present to release those outworn emotions, is to fully accept your role in the creation of your life. ?

Negative feelings like anger are usually so emotionally charged from past situations that they become deeply embedded in our psyche, right down to the very core of our brain synapses. When we are fighting or indulging in negative emotion, we often don’t realize that we are overreacting, until after the damage is done. Then we stand alone and lonely among the destruction of our words, intentions and actions. To add insult to injury, we then sometimes look back and cover our eyes in denial, blaming others for our behavior. This way a lonely life will only become even more lonely.

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured ~Baptist Beacon

I sometimes receive calls on Psychic Access in which a caller is very distraught, because they could not control their inner ‘dragon.’ They unleashed their fire, scorched the earth around them, and everyone and everything in its path. At first, the caller might say, “I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I did. I couldn’t control myself after they pushed my buttons.”

Yes, they may have called forth the trigger, but you pulled it. You fired the deadly bullet that you now wish to reclaim. You allowed yourself to tear through the fabric of what was once a relatively untarnished relationship… and burned it to ash. Now you are in pain, and have caused pain, and you want to heal that pain. Or do you?

Anger can be used as a weapon of control in an attempt to keep oneself safe. Sometimes anger is appropriate and useful, but I am specifically speaking of negative emotions that are harmful to self and others. These are the angry or vengeful emotions that we use, purposely wielding words that hurt others. They come in a multitude of forms, some passive, some aggressive, and some passive-aggressive. Negative emotions are tricky and the trickster always tricks the fool, using the negative emotions and the one they direct them toward.

Ask yourself, “When I wield my anger, is it productive or harmful?” If it is harmful, it is usually obvious in the outer world by the reactions of people and things around us. However, when we are overtly and covertly using our intention to purposely control others through anger and harmful words, woe to the wielder of these poison darts. Just as cause and effect creates your reality through our word, intention and behavior, so will they create the very hell you are intending toward others in your own life.

If you are noticing good people flee from your life and drop out like flies, it’s probably because you are harboring some deep negative emotions about yourself, and projecting it onto others in an attempt to displace the truth that you feel unworthy in some aspect of your life.

Resentment is an extremely bitter diet, and eventually poisonous. I have no desire to make my own toxins ~ Neil Kinnock Negative emotions are like drugs and we can become addicted to them. They destroy and control the same way drugs and alcohol destroy. And just as drugs and alcohol need to be abstained from, so do negative emotions – with the exception that negative emotions can be transformed through love.

But how we do we see that we are being destructive? How can we control and transform these emotions? By taking a look at our present and then gazing into our past – with eyes that are willing to see. When we begin, when so much emotion is involved, it can be difficult to find the positive aspects in a situation. And, the reason so much emotion is involved is because we are finally being honest with ourselves about what we do and don’t want in our life.

First, recognize that anger disguises fear and pain. Be gentle yet firm with yourself, as you begin to explore feelings of loss or longing for what was. Guide yourself away from guilt. Admit that your actions were less than effective in creating the love and acceptance that you seek and take full responsibility for creating a future you want to be a part of.

Next, transform your angry reactions by observing the emotions and feelings that arise and trigger the unleashed dragon. Meditation is a useful method to achieve this. Use your mind to explore the situation and create alternate outcomes from which you create bliss and happiness for all. There are many techniques and your inner guide will show you the way if you will simply ask.

Calmly hold in your heart and mind the intention of love for self and all, and you will forge a road from anger to freedom. You will realize that many of your fears were unfounded and that you really can have what you once thought was beyond your reach.


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